Our Little Santa Baby

When I got home last night, Brooklynn was in such an awesome mood that I decided to get some pictures of her (we all know how difficult in can be taking pictures of an ill baby:). These pictures were taken right before bathtime, hence the half naked baby...haha! I threw on her Santa hat and grabbed the camera, for I knew I had all of 5 minutes before her temperment would change! She was hamming it up! Gosh, I love this littlen munchkin! Christmas is so exciting with her in the house!

7 Month Stats

Well, Little Miss Brooklynn turned 7 months old yesterday, and she has become quite the little individual these days! She can sit up all by herself for long periods of time, and she has even begun to lean forward and roll around...I think she'll be trying to crawl in no time! She has mastered "Da da," which has daddy so happy! She has two teeth on the bottom, but still not too much hair! Oh, and we're pretty positive that her beautiful blue eyes are going to stay blue:)! She weighs around 15lbs (still our little tiny baby) and wears some 3-6 months, but mostly 6-9 months. She loves eating solids (spinach is her favorite...Grandma Renee found that out). She loves drinking water from her sippy cup and/or from a water bottle (still needs our help to hold it). She's sleeping through the night, and loves her nightly bedtime story ritual. Oh, and YES, Georgia dog is still her best friend!

Beauty Pageant Winner!

We signed Brooklynn up for the Little Miss Harvest Pageant at the Villa Rica Civic Center on November 28th, 2009. She looked so adorable (especially with the matching hairbow that mommy made)! We were so nervous that she was going to start crying when she got on stage, but she completely hammed it up! She was smiling and laughing and the judge's loved her! Daddy took her on stage, and he was smiling from ear to ear...you could just see the pride in his face. Overall, she swept it all! She won People's Choice Most Photogenic, Judge's Choice Most Photogenic, and Little Miss Baby Harvest Queen! We had a blast!

Our First Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was so wonderful this year! We started out at Grandma Renee and Grandpa Javier's house, where we got to see Auntie Heather, Uncle Todd, and Brooklynn's cousin Dina. Boy did we stuff ourselves with the best turkey ever (not to mention ham, awesome sweet potatoes (dad's fav), and everything you can imagine. Next, we were off to Grandma Julie's house! Some of our family came up from Florida (Janice, Jerry, Kelly, and Michael) and it was so great to get to see them all! Brooklynn was in a great mood all day, and loved being in the limelight. Grandma Renee took this picture of her in front of her Christmas tree, and we're using it for our Christmas cards. We are so thankful to have such a great, loving family!

Oh, the joys of the family photoshoot...

My little sister, Christine, came over Saturday morning to take pictures of the three of us for our Christmas cards. Well, let's just say that Brooklynn was not exactly in the mood! She began rubbing her eyes before the first picture was taken, and I didn't help any when I tried getting the boogers out of her nose. Oh gosh, it was a nightmare. Needless to say, Michael got ill when Brooklynn got ill, and then I got mad at him for being mad...haha...still with me? Although this is about the best picture we got, it was still a day to remember. We love our little Bird, even if our Christmas cards will have a screaming kid on them:).

Brooklynn's saying "Da Da!"

Michael stayed home with Brooklynn on Friday (Grandma needed the day off), and I work a second job at night on Fridays (waiting tables). Well, I wake up Saturday morning to "Da da da da da da....!" Haha! Yep, it's official, we are now saying "da da." All day long...all afternoon...and all night. Haha. Daddy is so happy, actually he's THRILLED! It's funny because he'll say, "da da," and then she'll say, "da da." I think she knows that it makes him happy, so she's been saying it nonstop. Yes, I get the "mama," but it's admist crying...no fair. No, I'm not jealous...well, ok, maybe just a little:).

Little Miss Priss

Brooklynn, Brooklynn, Brooklynn, what are we going to do with you? Last night we took you to the gym and left you in the daycare while we worked out. After I finished I asked daddy if he was ready to go, and he said he had a couple more things that he wanted to do. Therefore, I decided to lay in the tanning bed so that he could finish up. Apparently, while I was in the tanning bed, you decided to throw the worst temper tantrum of all time! I came out, and daddy said that the entire gym heard you screaming, and everyone stopped what they were doing because you sounded like you were dying! Daddy thought for sure that something had happened to you! However, as soon as he took you from the daycare provider you immediately stopped crying. Can we say spoiled??? Haha! Yes, we must have exceeded our working out time limit (set by our little Miss Priss:). Please attempt to keep the embarassment level to a minimum from here on out (or at least continue to do it just to daddy...haha).

I'm the luckiest mommy in the world!


I look at my wonderful family and I feel so blessed. I have got to be the luckiest person in the entire world! I have a fiance who is so caring, and who is my partner and my bestfriend. He makes me so happy, and my heart just about bursts with happiness watching him be a doting and loving daddy to our little Bird. Bird is the greatest baby one could ever ask for (not to mention the cutest...not that I'm biased at all). She is becoming quite a little individual these days! We can already see her strong personality shining through, and her expressions are hilarious! She is always quick to flash a smile at the silly faces and sounds we make, and hearing her laugh has got to be the world's greatest sound. I thank God everyday for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful family, and for filling me with the peace and happiness that most can only wish for.

We have a tooth!!

We've been waiting and waiting and waiting for Brooklynn to cut a tooth. I thought for sure that she was waiting for my birthday (it was 11-08), and what do you know...she cut a tooth on 11-09! Happy Birthday, mommy! I'm so proud of my big girl! I rubbed my finger on her gums before bedtime last night, just to check, and what do you know...a little sharp tooth has broke through! Maybe the drooling will slow down a bit! Haha (we've been soaking the bibs). Pretty soon she'll be doing great with those Puffs (had a slight gagging incident this weekend...half a puff was too much...bad mommy). My little baby is growing up!

Brooklynn's 1st Halloween

Halloween was so much fun! Bird was going to be a cat, but Grandma Renee bought her a cute giraffe costume, so she wore that instead (well, wore for about 10 minutes before she had a complete meltdown). Bird's cousin, Dina, came over with her mommy and daddy and they got to have a play date (one in the exersaucer and one in the jumper) while I gave out candy to all of the trick-or-treaters. They were at the door every 5 minutes, and our dog, Georgia, loved seeing all of the kids (and wanted to go with them:). All-in-all is was a great night, and I can't wait until Brooklynn is old enough to go trick-or-treating!

Mommy and Daddy's night out

Tonight we are going to a Halloween party in Atlanta with some friends and family. My fiance is dropping Brooklynn off at his mom's house, and she's going to spend the night! This will be the first night away from mommy and daddy, and I don't know if I'm ready for it. I know that we need to have some time without Bird, but I'm already missing her. To be honest, I'm forcing myself to get excited, for I'd much rather stay at home with her. Gosh, I hope I can get myself to pep up.

Pumpkin carving...hilarious!

Well, daddy and I decided to go ahead and carve the pumpkin on Monday. Makes me crack up just thinking about it! It started out great! I cut it open to begin cleaning it out, and we let Brooklynn feel the insides...her face was priceless! Then, I began the tedious task of removing the seeds and stringy yuck stuff. Ugh, nooo fun! After I finished, we taped on the cute cat outline (comes in the neat kit where you poke holes all around the outline and then use a little saw to carve the design into the pumpkin). Oh, and we decided on the cat since B is going to be a cat for Halloween:). Daddy had to fun chore of doing the carving. I swear...it took him an hour and a half, and a broken saw to finish! It looked so cute! Aside from the fact that the cat's head was hanging by a thread! Haha, dad got a little too saw happy. Well, the guy at the pumpkin patch told us to put a layer of vegetable oil inside and out of the pupkin to preserve it. So, as I was doing so, I completely broke the cat's head off and it hit the floor. I said, "uh oh," and my fiance said, "what did you do" from the living room. Long story short, we were able to put the cat's head back on with toothpicks! HAHA! Gosh, I'm still cracking up about it. Oh, and when I went to set it out on the front porch, I knocked the cat's ear off...glad cat's have 9 lives! LOL!

Pumpkin Patch was AWESOME!

Last Thursday we took Brooklynn to our local pumpkin patch so that she could pick out her first pumpkin! Ok, so daddy and I picked it out, but she was definately a part of it! We got the cutest pictures (which I'll add as soon as I upload them...one of these days...oh, life is just so hectic). We met our neighbors, Nick and Cheryl, and they brought their 8 month old, Kaiden with them. Oh what cute pics we got of him and B together! How hard is it to get 2 babies to look at the camera at the same time!?! And you can forget about them smiling! Haha. They were so nice to us at the pumpkin patch, and they gave both of the babies a tiny pumpkin when we were leaving. The holidays are already so much fun!

Going to be in a beauty pageant!

Ok, just to clarify: I am not, nor do I ever plan on being, a stage mom. I was at the mall watching my nephew compete to be The King of Douglasville when a lady approached me to sign up my DD for the local Miss Baby Harvest Pageant next month. I was looking at all the the cute babies dressed in their pretty dresses and I thought that it might be fun. I, also, called my soon-to-be SIL (and BFF), and she's going to enter my niece in it, too (she's 7 1/2 months old). I'm really excited, and I think it's going to be so much fun! I love dressing her up in pretty frilly dresses! I'll post some pictures in her dress.

Up all night...teething

Oh what a rough night! Poor B came home from Grandma's with rosey cheeks and a bad attitude. I took her temperature and it was 100.3! I know that's not too high, but being a FTM, I panicked (and called Grandma and made a post on BBC). Gave her some Tylenol and a lukewarm bath and fed her a bottle (temp still 100.3). She played in her exersaucer for a little while, and then played in her jungle gym before she starting getting ill. I could tell that her mouth was really bothering her (chewing on fingers nonstop and tons of drool). She went to sleep fairly easily, but woke up SCREAMING at 9:30pm (she went to bed at 7:30). I fed her and rocked her...she screamed like she was in pain...it broke my heart. We, eventually, put some baby orajel on her gums and she went back to sleep. Slept for a little while, and then woke up every 15 mins. Geez. Rough night for all of us. I hope she starts feeling better soon.

And we're rolling!!

Brooklynn is rolling from back to tummy these days! FINALLY! Haha...I've been waiting forever. She did it for the first time after her bath last week (I was massaging her and she was trying to get away). Then, she did it Saturday night while daddy and I were playing with her on the carpet. Then, on Sunday, she did it twice! Once, in the nursery at church, and then in the evening at home. I'm so proud of her! She is becoming such a big girl. I have to watch her like a hawk on her changing table and on our bed (I don't know what I would do if she rolled off).

Brooklynn said "Mommy!!!"

So last night (yesterday Brooklynn was 24 weeks...technically 6 months) we were in the living room: me, Daddy, and B, when B's mouth starting hurting her (been teething). I said, "aww, come here my poor baby," and she said, "mommy." I mean it was clear as day! I was shocked, and Daddy's jaw dropped! It was so funny! Now, I know she didn't do it intentionally, but it was still AWESOME! Haha. So, ofcourse, for the remainder of the night I was like, "don't be jealous, Daddy, that Bird's first word was Mommy. She'll say Daddy one day." LOL...gosh that was fun! I can't wait until she starts talking! It's so great, because she is really starting to laugh all of the time! I'm the proudest and happiest mommy in the world!!

Why can't we get a good family picture?!

Last night I was looking through the pictures on my camera, and it made me laugh when I realized every time we tried to get a picture of me, Brooklynn, and Daddy, it never comes out good! Haha! Brooklynn's crying or frowning or not looking at the camera...I'm usually in the middle of talking....and Daddy is standing there not knowing what to do! Gosh, it's really funny! For example, just take a look at this picture from when we went to the fair...and this is a good one! Maybe one day we'll luck out and all be looking at the camera at the same time when the picture is snapped! Until now, I'll place these silly ones in the scrapbook for a good laugh!

Brooklynn, will you please stop waking up every hour?!

My little Brooklynn has been doing fairly well when it comes to sleeping through the night. However, she has recently been waking up continuously through the night!!! We make her stay up until 7:30 pm every night, and we give her a bottle right before bed time. She'll wake up around around 12am...needs her passy. Then, she'll wake up around 1:30am...passy again. 3:30am...passy. 4:30am....passy. 5am, its time to wake up and eat and get ready to go to Grandma's. Daddy and I are sooooo tired! We want to throw the passy away, but we're afraid we'll have a thumb sucker on our hands if we do. So, for now, we'll keep the same routine and be thankful for those nights when she only wakes up once or twice!

Brooklynn Loves Stage 2 Food...so far:)

Well, since we've made our way through all of the stage 1 baby foods (and we love them all), I decided to buy a couple of the fruit mixed stage 2 foods. I packed three of the Apple mixed with Blueberries in the bag for Grandma's house and instructed to mix half with her morning oatmeal. Around lunch time I received a call from Grandma and she raved about how Brooklynn LOVED the new baby food!!! She couldn't get enough! I'm so proud of my little eater! Maybe I'll work up the courage to try one with a meat soon:).

Shopping with Grandma Julie

This past Saturday my mom invited me and Brooklynn to go shopping at Babies R Us for a new high chair for B. However, as soon as we walked in, Grandma zeroed in on the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas bibs...and that was just the beginning. Little Brooklynn racked up on the clothes that day! Dresses, shoes, panty hose, pjs...you name it. She was so good as mommy and Grandma pushed her around the store going crazy (we rarely do this, and it was such a great treat)! Thank goodness for all of the diapers and wipes, because we are really going through them! LOL! We are so appreciative of Grandma's kindness and generosity. We love her very much and thank God for her:).

Problems at Grandma's...

My fiance's mom watches B everday while we're at work. Along with B, she watches our nephew, Kaleb (almost 2), and our niece, Dina (7 months). Well, recently, Kaleb has been a tad more wild than usual, and poor Grandma is about at her wits end. She just recently began watching B, and we think that poor Kaleb is a little bit jealous now that he is having to share some of the lime light with his two new cousins. He's not responding when Grandma is telling him "no" or "stop," and he has recently began shouting "no" himself and threatening to hit Grandma. I know he's reaching those "Terrible Twos" that we all hear about, but what can be done?!

Sitting up unassisted...well sort of:)!

Last night I was sitting with B on the floor in the living room, and we were practicing sitting up without mommy's help. Usually when we do this, B topples over relatively quickly. BUT last night I put a toy in her hands and she sat for a good 30-45 seconds without me helping! YAY!! She's getting stronger everyday. We practiced crawing, too....not too enthusiastic about that one. Tummy time is improving and she actually layed there for a few minutes happily chewing on her hand. I'm sure she'll get the desire to stop being mommy's lazy baby soon:).

So much fun at the fair!

We went to the fair this past Saturday, and we had so much fun! Brooklynn has a slight case of stranger anxiety, and doesn't care for loud noises too much, so we thought this would be a good environment to place her in to begin to adjust. We went with our neighbors and their son (Kaiden, he's 7 months, and we call him Bird's boyfriend:). She absolutely loved the animals in the petting zoo (she's a big dog fan as it is, and loves our American Bulldog, Georgia). I must say her favorite were the elephants! She was so amazed by them (and she got to see them very well because Daddy put her on his shoulders). She didn't like the roller coasters too much, for they went too fast and made alot of noise (Daddy had to carry her away to watch from a distance). She, also, didn't like the BMX bike show...too much noise once again! Oh, Daddy won 2 gold fish for her! She kept trying to reach out to grab them with her hands, it was so funny! They are now happily swimming around their fish bowl in Brooklynn's room (she loves watching them). We can't wait to go to the fair again next year!

Brooklynn's LOVE for baby food!

Boy-oh-boy does my Bird love her baby foods! We eat oatmeal in the morning with a jar of stage 1 fruits, a jar of veggies for lunch, and a jar of fruit or veggies for dinner (all along with our 6 oz bottles throughout the day). She is doing great, and loves baby food more than her formula! She can open that mouth so wide (just like a bird:). I love her more and more every day!

Brooklynn's Growing Up!!

Almost 6 months! Wow the time is flying by! We've been waiting for Bird to start sitting up by herself, but we're enjoying holding her while she still lets us. I never realized how much I could love someone until she came into my life...it's a completely different and wonderful love...the love a parent feels for their child. Brooklynn has been talking and babbling so much these days, and she is always smiling! And, let me just tell you....the sound of her laughter is the world's greatest sound (I can't get enough)! Her daddy and I have enjoyed every minute of her so far, and we're so glad that she's a part of our lives! Thank you, God, for we are so blessed!

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