Brooklynn's 1st Easter (I know I'm late)!

Brooklynn had such a wonderful 1st Easter! She loved her Easter basket that was full of books, bubbles, a stuffed animal, and eggs filled with yogurt melts (sorry Bird, but mommy and daddy are mean and won't let you have candy:)! She looked so pretty at church in her Easter dress, and had so much fun seeing her cousin Kaleb, Auntie Jessic, Uncle Tommy, and Grandpa Delbert! After church, we went to Grandma Renee's house to cook out and visit with daddy's side of the family, and then we left from there and went to Grandma Julie's house to eat again! We had such a great day, and we just love our little Bird so much!

Brooklynn was so happy with her Easter basket:

After church with mommy:

With daddy, Grandpa Delbert, and Uncle Tommy:

Brooklynn had so much fun swinging at Grandma Renee's house! We had to go to Wal Mart and buy a swing just like this to hang at our house because she loved it so much!

We have a WALKER!!!

Our little Bird is spreading her wings...haha! She's just not content with crawling anymore and is trying out her walking feet! I got her on video walking across the kitchen on Tuesday night (this is the best she's done as of yet)! We're so proud of her! I can't believe she's growing up so fast! Please take note as to how Georgia is trying to steal Brooklynn's biter biscuit...silly dog! Haha!

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