Learning to Walk: Not all fun and games!

We bought Brooklynn a little baby learn-to-walk toy. She can walk behind it and push it,and it plays music as she walks. Well, she loves this thing! Haha! She'll push it all over the place! The only problem is that once she hits a wall, or the dog, she hasn't figured out how to turn it so she can keep going. Or, if she falls she can't get back up by herself because it will roll away from her. Oh, and how the crying begins if we don't immediately run over and stand her back up and clear the path for the baby walker! Our household motto: "kids wanna do what kids wanna do!" or else! Haha!
Walking is so much fun:

"Now, how do I get back around..."

"Daddy! Mommy! This is so NOT fun anymore!"

Helping Mommy Plant Flowers!

Today was so beautiful and I decided to go ahead and plant flowers in the pots that we keep outside (okay, everyone keep your fingers crossed that we don't have anymore winter weather:)! I put a blanket down for Brooklynn and surrounded her with toys and we enjoyed the Spring weather together! I got dirty and Bird quietly observed (okay maybe she wasn't too quiet...we all know Bird and her lungs...haha). I really cherish Mommy and Bird time together, and this is just another day that I never want to forget.
Our little helper:

Brooklynn Met the Easter Bunny!!!

Today me, Michael, Grandma Renee, and Brooklynn went to the mall to meet the Easter Bunny! We were a little aprehensive...ever since we took her to meet Santa Claus and she wasn't exactly excited...haha! I think she thought that the Easter Bunny was a big dog, like her Georgia dog. So, after grabbing and petting the bunny's face, she sat on his lap and smiled like a champ! We got an awesome picture on the second shot! Yay! I felt sorry for the mommies there who's babies were screaming when they were put on the bunny's lap...I was, however, thrilled that B wasn't one of those!

Brooklynn's 1st St. Patrick's Day!

Happy 1st St. Patrick's Day, Brooklynn! We got her all dressed up for school in her special St. Patrick's Day outfit (thank you, Daddy:). She was adorable! Too bad she had a 'tude' while we were trying to get her picture! Haha! We had to bribe her with Daddy's cell phone!

Dina's 1st Birthday!

Brooklynn's cousin, Dina, celebrated her 1st birthday at ChuckECheese on Sunday! We can't believe our adorable niece is already one! Gosh, where does the time go? We had so much playing with Brooklynn at ChuckECheese! Her other cousin, Kaleb, was there, too, and he was having a ball:)! It's always so great to get to see the family!

The birthday girl:

Make a wish!

Brooklynn and Kaleb riding in the car:

I love this picture of Brooklynn! She's like, "yeah, I'm driving!" haha

Brooklynn's Invites

I'm so excited that I've finally ordered her invites! Here's the final product:)! We're well on our way to getting the party planning ball rolling!

Preparing for the 1st Birthday!

Wow, I cannot believe that Brooklynn will be turning 1 in less than 2 months! Where did the time go? We've decided to do a western/cowgirl theme for her big bash, and this is the picture that we're putting on her invites (which, might I add are too adorable for words)! She is becoming such a big girl! Today was the first day that Michael dropped her off at daycare and she didn't cry...he told her, "no ma'am" when the lip quiver started...I can't believe it worked! Haha! For her party, we're going to have our family horses (Markus and Remmy) there for the kids to ride, and I'm going to rent one of those bouncy/jumpy blow up thingys. My friend is making her cakes (which I'm sure will look amazing knowing her)! I just need to get her outfit together and start buying the party supplies! I'm so excited! She's crawling all over the place these days, and pulling up on everything...maybe she'll be walking by her big day!? Oh, and she's talking up a storm (well, sort of...haha). She says Dada, Mama, Baba (bottle), Gaga (Georgia dog), bye bye (and waves at the same time...so cute), and Bob (no clue who he is). Haha!

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