Getting ready for Christmas (is it too early???)...

Well maybe. BUT, I just couldn't resist the new Christmas backgrounds when going to snap some pictures of Brooklynn in her Halloween costume! Don't let these cute pictures fool you, because this trip was a nightmare!!! She was not in the mood for a photo shoot (that's putting it nicely). I was pleasantly suprised when I saw that we had, actually, snapped a couple good ones!
The face of an angel (in disguise...haha...jk jk jk):

18 month update!

Yesterday Brooklynn had her 18 month check up and is doing great! She did have to get two shots (yes, it was the end of the world), but the stream of tears only lasted about 5 minutes. Here's her stats:

Height: 31 1/2 inches (25%)

Weight: 23 lbs and 9.6 oz (50%)

Head: 18 1/2 inches (50%)

Okay, for everyone who doesn't know: Brooklynn is the biter. Yes. If your child is coming home with tiny teeth imprints, it's most likely from this innocent face:

The pediatrician said there is nothing we can do, and that she will outgrow it by the time she's 2 (WHAT!? Another 6 months of getting the phone calls that she's landed another victim!). Oh please let her get through the phase quickly.

Time out. It's time for it. I'm on the lookout for a time out chair (you know the kind: not comfy or pretty). The temper tantrums are out of control!!! HELP!!! Haha!

Brooklynn is loving books more than ever! She will look through them and talk and "read" to me! I love it! Oh, and she's trying to say her ABC's! As of right now it goes, "E-I-O-H" and it's the cutest thing I've ever heard! My smart little baby!

More updattes to come (I promise)!

Halloween 2010!

What a fun and amazing Halloween we had this year! I found the perfect costume on Ebay for Miss Brooklynn (yes folks, she was a peacock)! Wow, you wouldn't believe the comments on the costume we received! We went to the mall for Trick-or-Treating on Saturday and everyone was taking pictures of her! My little celebrity!

Patiently waiting on us:

Showing off her dance moves in the middle of the mall:

The tail cracked us up:

Bird and Daddy:

Bird and Mommy:

Okay, and then I tried to get her some professional pictures made and she was not having it:

On Sunday, Auntie Heather, Uncle Todd, Dina and Jade came to the house for more trick-or-treating! Dina and Brooklynn had so much fun!
Getting ready to go trick-or-treating:

Their Halloween "ride:"

Uncle Todd babywearing little Miss Jade:

Here's some after the trick-or-treating was finished:

Trading in the candy for a sippy of milk:

We had such a wonderful fun-filled weekend! I'm not sure how we're going to out-do the peacock costume for next year (I better start brainstorming now)!

15 month pictures (I know I'm late)!!

Gosh, life has been so hectic! Imagine that! An 18 month old wouldn't have anything to do with that! Haha! Ok, here are some pictures that we got made at Target when Brooklynn turned 15 months (can I be any later??)!

The Bounce and Spin Zebra

Wow, when I found this on Craigslist on $5 I thought, "Awww, that's cute and a good deal." Boy, I didn't realize what a hit this toy would be! Brooklynn LOVES it!!! She is so funny bouncing, spinning, and, uh oh...standing on it. Our little daredevil in the making! This is the new favorite (for the week)!

Check out this face (just imagine the funny sounds going along with this expression):

They should come with seatbelts as a preventive measure:

15 month stats

Bird had her 15 month check up on August 9th, and she weighs 21.6 lbs and is 31 inches long. She's right on track and doing great! I'm still delaying the chicken pox and MMR vax...just to be on the safe side:). She's become quite the character these days:

1. The other night she's playing in Georgia's water bowl and I say, "Brooklynn, we don't play in Georgia dog's bowl." She turns around, points and shakes her finger at me and goes, "No, no, no, no, no!" I'm trying so hard not to laugh, so I run into the living room so she can't see me smile and she proceeds to chase me saying, "No, no, no, no, no!" The finger continues to wag. At that point, I'm dying!

2. I go to print some coupons the other night and the printer keeps jamming up. I'm like, "What in the heck is going on with this dumb printer?" After taking the paper in and out three times, I finally look inside the printer to see two foam bath letters jammed inside the printer. Hmmmm, wonder who put those in there?

3. When it's nearing bedtime, I say, "Come on Brooklynn, let's go brush your teeth," and she'll walk to the stairs saying, "teeth teeth teeth."

4. Her favorite book is, "Where is the Green Sheep?" If I have to read it one more time I'm going to hide it! JK JK JK

5. Her teachers always write notes on her daily papers about her funny dances (she does them during lunch, during snack, while outside...). She loves to dance! She puts her hands on her's hilarious!

6. We're unsure of why this has become a phenomenon, but she like to take her shirt and try to take it off (at the lunch table). I've assured the teachers that she's not learning this from home. Haha!

7. Huggies new jean diapers are the cutest things ever:

8. Brooklynn will throw a temper tantrum over sweet tea (Michael suggested we put some in her sippy cup the other night...I threatened his life over that one).

9. Brooklynn is the biter in her class. Oh why oh why?? We thought she was doing better, but she bit another kid yesterday. Ugh.

10. Mommy is still the favorite.

Day 3 of "No More Passy"

Yes. We did it. We took it away. There will be no more pacifiers in our home (well, at least until the next time around:)! Thanks so Ms. Virginia at our church, she looked at Bird's chart and her astrology and told us that if we started on Saturday, Brooklynn would be off the pacifier in 3 days. I must admit: the thought of taking the passy away scared me! Haha! Boy was I shocked that Bird did so well without it! Day 1 was a little rough during car rides, but we've now made it to day 3 and we're still passy free! Whoo hoo! Our pediatrician will be so proud of us!

The old days: LOL

Brooklynn used her potty!!

Last night, after Brooklynn got out of her bath, I sat her on her new princess potty and...YES...she went pee pee! I was so excited! When she starting going the potty started playing music, and she started smiling so big! What a big girl! Ofcourse daddy came upstairs and we all had to sing a potty song withour big girl:). Go Brooklynn! We're so proud of you!

Father's Day at Grandma Renee's

After church, we headed over to Grandma Renee and Grandpa Javier's house for a cookout with the family. We had such a great time! Brooklynn had a blast in the swimming pool (she loved the slide)...kid size of course:). She got to see and play with her cousins Kaleb and Dina; they all had so much fun! We ate so much food that we could barely move! Grandma Renee bought the girls matching 4th of July outfits, so we got some great pictures of them! I'm going to make 4th of July cards to send out to the family (yay for being on the ball this year...hahaha)!

Dina, Kaleb, and Brooklynn:

Brooklynn and Dina (who knew bubbles could be such fun?!):

Our little one having so much fun:

We had such a wonderful Father's Day!

This car is driving me nuts!!!

Brooklynn's Uncle Tommy and Auntie Jessica bought Brooklynn this little car for her
1st birthday and she just LOVES it! It was so cute to watch her push it around and put her toys in the seat (that lifts up for secret storage:). Then, I made the mistake of taking her outside and pushing her up and down the sidewalk on it. Now, she wants me to push her around all day everyday. My back is failing me from leaning over to push her around! Haha! I used to keep it down in the living room, but she would push it over to me, get on it, and stare at me like, "Come on Mommy, what's the hold up?" I thought it was cute at first, but now it's driving me crazy! The other day I was washing dishes and I turn around and she pushed the car over to her high chair and was standing on the seat of it while holding onto the highchair! Yikes! That's when the car went up to the playroom. That, however, has not stopped Bird from demanding her rides. Yesterday, she pushes it over to me while we were playing in her play room, and gets on it backwards and throws a complete fit until I push her around. Around the playroom, around our bedroom, around her bedroom, and down the hallway. Oh, and then the temper tantrum began when I stopped. Okay, I'm seriously putting that car in the garage when I get home today...

Brooklynn's Nursery and Playroom

I just realized that I've never taken any pictures of Brooklynn's nursery or playroom!! Sooo, today I finally snapped some! Now, please no flaming for the canopy over the's usually hanging on the back wall, but I put it up for the picture. Also, I totally cut the last -N off of Brooklynn's name in the picture, but, yes, it's spelled with 2 -Ns, not one:).

Bird's nursery:

Bird's Playroom:

Ear Tubes...

On Thursday, June 3rd, Bird got ear tubes and her tongue clipped. After multiple ear infections and failing a hearing test, the ENT doctor decided that tubes would be our best bet. Grandma Renee went with me and Brooklynn on the big day (thank you so much Renee for the support and help...we love you:). Brooklynn did so awesome! She couldn't eat anything until her surgery was finished...poor baby. It was harder on me than it was her:). I went back when they put her to sleep and she was holding onto my finger so tightly. They put the gas mask on her and she started too. Then, her little body just went limp and she let go of my finger. Ugh. It was so hard to watch that. However, the surgery only lasted about 20 minutes and Brooklynn woke up a little disoriented, but was fine about an hour later. Now, we have a happy, pain free baby! Yay for ear tubes!!!

Brooklynn at the surgery center:

Bird and Grandma Renee playing with the camera:)

Bird and mommy before the surgery:

Playing with mommy:

"Look mommy, I'm like Georgia dog!"

"Ummm, can someone get me out of here?"

Coming out of surgery:

Yes, it was a long day, but it was so worth it. Bird is so much happier now that she's not in pain anymore. Thank you, ear tubes!

Brooklynn's School Pictures

Brooklynn's school pictures came out wonderful! Michael and I were just so thrilled at how well she did! We were going to take her to get her 1 yr. pictures taken, but decided not to since these were done right at her 1st birthday and came out to great! Can you tell I'm a proud mommy?

Brooklynn's 1 yr old!

Wow! The last year has just flown by! I can't believe our little Bird is now a toddler; it's true that you can't blink or you'll miss something! Her 1 yr stats:

18 lbs
29 inches
head circumference 18 inches

As of right now, we're on day 2 of quitting the bottle cold turkey. Day 1 was not fun, and B was not a happy kid; she threw a temper tantrum in the middle of the kitchen floor when she realized she was not getting a bottle. I ignored her, which only added fuel to the fire! Haha! Now, she broke down and drank half a sippy cup of milk (yes! Mom and Dad are winning!).

Saturday was Brooklynn's 1st birthday party, and it was a blast!! Grandpa Chris was so nice to let us have it at his house, and thanks to Auntie Teen for leading all 20 kids around on one of the family horses, Remy! From the pedal boats, to the moonwalk, to the horses, the kids didn't know what they wanted to do next! I'm sure it will be a day to remember for all!

The birthday girl:

Her cowgirl cake:

Who needs hands?

Awww, so sweet to share with Daddy:

Having a ball riding for the first time:

Brooklynn and Remy sharing a smooch:

Brooklynn and Daddy:

Dina, Kaleb, and Brooklynn:

Opening her presents:

The pedal boats were a hit:

Daddy, Bird, and Mommy:

Not everyone was a horse fan...haha:

Hunter and Kaleb feeding Markus:

Kaleb LOVED riding! He kept saying, "giddy up, giddy up":

Bouncing is so fun!:

So spoiled:

Our future rocks star playing with her favorite toy (from mom and dad:)

We couldn't have been blessed with a better birthday. Thanks to all of our wonderful friends and family for making it such a special day!

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