Shhhh...Brooklynn's Birthday Present...

Shhhh...don't spill the is a sneak peek at what Mommy and Daddy have bought Bird for her birthday this year:). I'm so thrilled! I've been waiting for a long time for Tracey to have the time to make this for me, and she's been awesome enough to have it ready by Brooklynn's birthday party this weekend! I can't wait for Brooklynn to see it! As you can see, we played on Brooklynn's nickname, Bird, for the quilt's theme! I'm so excited that I'm about to burst over this! Haha! Brooklynn's going to love this for a long time to come!

The Front:

The Back:

Brooklynn's 2011 Easter School Picture!

Awww, her school pictures came out so good this year! I was just thrilled to see my little Brooklynn smiling so big for the camera (how they got her to not only sit still, but to actually pose and smile is a mystery to me)! Grandma Julie took us shopping to pick out this adorable little can imagine how thrilled I was to find matching shoes on the clearance rack! Whoot! Haha!

Our new SWINGSET!!!

Thank you so much to our wonderful family that helped both financially (Grandma Julie) and physcially (Grandpa Javier, Grandpa Chris, Grandpa Delbert, Grandpa Roger, and Uncle Tommy)to get this swingset up. This swingset is already bringing so much joy and happiness to our backyard! We are so excited to see the continued happiness it brings to the kids in our family and in our neighborhood!

The work begins. We (well, not really me, but Michael and Javier) spent the first weekend leveling the ground...what a JOB that was.

The next weekend was spent doing the building! WOW! This thing came in four huge/heavy boxes with a ton of nuts/bolt/screws/washers. I joked that we had enough to open a hardware store! HA!

The finished swingset is so beautiful. We love it so much! Now all we hear from Brooklynn day in and day out is "outside? swing? outside?" Hahaha!

We can't wait to host many more cookouts this summer to put this thing to use! We are so blessed to have been able to put this up for our wonderful little Bird!

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