This car is driving me nuts!!!

Brooklynn's Uncle Tommy and Auntie Jessica bought Brooklynn this little car for her
1st birthday and she just LOVES it! It was so cute to watch her push it around and put her toys in the seat (that lifts up for secret storage:). Then, I made the mistake of taking her outside and pushing her up and down the sidewalk on it. Now, she wants me to push her around all day everyday. My back is failing me from leaning over to push her around! Haha! I used to keep it down in the living room, but she would push it over to me, get on it, and stare at me like, "Come on Mommy, what's the hold up?" I thought it was cute at first, but now it's driving me crazy! The other day I was washing dishes and I turn around and she pushed the car over to her high chair and was standing on the seat of it while holding onto the highchair! Yikes! That's when the car went up to the playroom. That, however, has not stopped Bird from demanding her rides. Yesterday, she pushes it over to me while we were playing in her play room, and gets on it backwards and throws a complete fit until I push her around. Around the playroom, around our bedroom, around her bedroom, and down the hallway. Oh, and then the temper tantrum began when I stopped. Okay, I'm seriously putting that car in the garage when I get home today...


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