Learning to Walk: Not all fun and games!

We bought Brooklynn a little baby learn-to-walk toy. She can walk behind it and push it,and it plays music as she walks. Well, she loves this thing! Haha! She'll push it all over the place! The only problem is that once she hits a wall, or the dog, she hasn't figured out how to turn it so she can keep going. Or, if she falls she can't get back up by herself because it will roll away from her. Oh, and how the crying begins if we don't immediately run over and stand her back up and clear the path for the baby walker! Our household motto: "kids wanna do what kids wanna do!" or else! Haha!
Walking is so much fun:

"Now, how do I get back around..."

"Daddy! Mommy! This is so NOT fun anymore!"


Mommy Gator said...
April 19, 2010 at 7:42 AM

HAHA we have the same one!! My son is walking when he chooses but still so content with super fast crawling... little stinker! She is so cute!!

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