So much fun at the fair!

We went to the fair this past Saturday, and we had so much fun! Brooklynn has a slight case of stranger anxiety, and doesn't care for loud noises too much, so we thought this would be a good environment to place her in to begin to adjust. We went with our neighbors and their son (Kaiden, he's 7 months, and we call him Bird's boyfriend:). She absolutely loved the animals in the petting zoo (she's a big dog fan as it is, and loves our American Bulldog, Georgia). I must say her favorite were the elephants! She was so amazed by them (and she got to see them very well because Daddy put her on his shoulders). She didn't like the roller coasters too much, for they went too fast and made alot of noise (Daddy had to carry her away to watch from a distance). She, also, didn't like the BMX bike show...too much noise once again! Oh, Daddy won 2 gold fish for her! She kept trying to reach out to grab them with her hands, it was so funny! They are now happily swimming around their fish bowl in Brooklynn's room (she loves watching them). We can't wait to go to the fair again next year!


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