Brooklynn said "Mommy!!!"

So last night (yesterday Brooklynn was 24 weeks...technically 6 months) we were in the living room: me, Daddy, and B, when B's mouth starting hurting her (been teething). I said, "aww, come here my poor baby," and she said, "mommy." I mean it was clear as day! I was shocked, and Daddy's jaw dropped! It was so funny! Now, I know she didn't do it intentionally, but it was still AWESOME! Haha. So, ofcourse, for the remainder of the night I was like, "don't be jealous, Daddy, that Bird's first word was Mommy. She'll say Daddy one day." LOL...gosh that was fun! I can't wait until she starts talking! It's so great, because she is really starting to laugh all of the time! I'm the proudest and happiest mommy in the world!!


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