Pumpkin carving...hilarious!

Well, daddy and I decided to go ahead and carve the pumpkin on Monday. Makes me crack up just thinking about it! It started out great! I cut it open to begin cleaning it out, and we let Brooklynn feel the insides...her face was priceless! Then, I began the tedious task of removing the seeds and stringy yuck stuff. Ugh, nooo fun! After I finished, we taped on the cute cat outline (comes in the neat kit where you poke holes all around the outline and then use a little saw to carve the design into the pumpkin). Oh, and we decided on the cat since B is going to be a cat for Halloween:). Daddy had to fun chore of doing the carving. I swear...it took him an hour and a half, and a broken saw to finish! It looked so cute! Aside from the fact that the cat's head was hanging by a thread! Haha, dad got a little too saw happy. Well, the guy at the pumpkin patch told us to put a layer of vegetable oil inside and out of the pupkin to preserve it. So, as I was doing so, I completely broke the cat's head off and it hit the floor. I said, "uh oh," and my fiance said, "what did you do" from the living room. Long story short, we were able to put the cat's head back on with toothpicks! HAHA! Gosh, I'm still cracking up about it. Oh, and when I went to set it out on the front porch, I knocked the cat's ear off...glad cat's have 9 lives! LOL!


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