Brooklynn, will you please stop waking up every hour?!

My little Brooklynn has been doing fairly well when it comes to sleeping through the night. However, she has recently been waking up continuously through the night!!! We make her stay up until 7:30 pm every night, and we give her a bottle right before bed time. She'll wake up around around 12am...needs her passy. Then, she'll wake up around 1:30am...passy again. 3:30am...passy. 4:30am....passy. 5am, its time to wake up and eat and get ready to go to Grandma's. Daddy and I are sooooo tired! We want to throw the passy away, but we're afraid we'll have a thumb sucker on our hands if we do. So, for now, we'll keep the same routine and be thankful for those nights when she only wakes up once or twice!


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