Little Miss Priss

Brooklynn, Brooklynn, Brooklynn, what are we going to do with you? Last night we took you to the gym and left you in the daycare while we worked out. After I finished I asked daddy if he was ready to go, and he said he had a couple more things that he wanted to do. Therefore, I decided to lay in the tanning bed so that he could finish up. Apparently, while I was in the tanning bed, you decided to throw the worst temper tantrum of all time! I came out, and daddy said that the entire gym heard you screaming, and everyone stopped what they were doing because you sounded like you were dying! Daddy thought for sure that something had happened to you! However, as soon as he took you from the daycare provider you immediately stopped crying. Can we say spoiled??? Haha! Yes, we must have exceeded our working out time limit (set by our little Miss Priss:). Please attempt to keep the embarassment level to a minimum from here on out (or at least continue to do it just to daddy...haha).


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