Up all night...teething

Oh what a rough night! Poor B came home from Grandma's with rosey cheeks and a bad attitude. I took her temperature and it was 100.3! I know that's not too high, but being a FTM, I panicked (and called Grandma and made a post on BBC). Gave her some Tylenol and a lukewarm bath and fed her a bottle (temp still 100.3). She played in her exersaucer for a little while, and then played in her jungle gym before she starting getting ill. I could tell that her mouth was really bothering her (chewing on fingers nonstop and tons of drool). She went to sleep fairly easily, but woke up SCREAMING at 9:30pm (she went to bed at 7:30). I fed her and rocked her...she screamed like she was in pain...it broke my heart. We, eventually, put some baby orajel on her gums and she went back to sleep. Slept for a little while, and then woke up every 15 mins. Geez. Rough night for all of us. I hope she starts feeling better soon.


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