Pumpkin Patch was AWESOME!

Last Thursday we took Brooklynn to our local pumpkin patch so that she could pick out her first pumpkin! Ok, so daddy and I picked it out, but she was definately a part of it! We got the cutest pictures (which I'll add as soon as I upload them...one of these days...oh, life is just so hectic). We met our neighbors, Nick and Cheryl, and they brought their 8 month old, Kaiden with them. Oh what cute pics we got of him and B together! How hard is it to get 2 babies to look at the camera at the same time!?! And you can forget about them smiling! Haha. They were so nice to us at the pumpkin patch, and they gave both of the babies a tiny pumpkin when we were leaving. The holidays are already so much fun!


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