7 Month Stats

Well, Little Miss Brooklynn turned 7 months old yesterday, and she has become quite the little individual these days! She can sit up all by herself for long periods of time, and she has even begun to lean forward and roll around...I think she'll be trying to crawl in no time! She has mastered "Da da," which has daddy so happy! She has two teeth on the bottom, but still not too much hair! Oh, and we're pretty positive that her beautiful blue eyes are going to stay blue:)! She weighs around 15lbs (still our little tiny baby) and wears some 3-6 months, but mostly 6-9 months. She loves eating solids (spinach is her favorite...Grandma Renee found that out). She loves drinking water from her sippy cup and/or from a water bottle (still needs our help to hold it). She's sleeping through the night, and loves her nightly bedtime story ritual. Oh, and YES, Georgia dog is still her best friend!


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