1st Christmas!!!

Words cannot describe how wonderful Brooklynn's first Christmas was! She was such a great helper when decorating the Christmas tree, and she loved helping to wrap presents, too (okay, so I'm exaggerating a little with that one:)! We went to Michael's mom's house for Christmas Eve and watched all the kids open their presents from Grandma and Grandpa (our nephew, Kaleb, who's two years old, was so excited to unwrap all the presents...it was so cute). Brooklynn loved pulling the tissue paper out of the gift bags and playing with it! Haha! She, also, loved all the price tags that were attached to her new outfits! Michael and I joked around that she would have been happy with a gift bag full of tissue paper and price tags! Christmas morning we woke up and the three of us celebrated Christmas together. I recorded everything with the camcorder (okay, I had the camcorder in one hand and the camera in the other)! She got so many toys, shoes (thank you Grandma Julie:), and clothes...very spoiled princess! That afternoon, we went to Grandma Julie's house for a huge feast and more presents. It was so great to spend the holiday with our family, and we're so blessed to be surrounded with amazing people. Brooklynn had the best 1st Christmas that we could have ever hoped for! We can't wait for the next one:)!
Brooklynn with her Christmas presents:

Helping Mommy to decorate the Christmas tree:

Opening presents Christmas Eve at Grandma Renee and Grandpa Javiers:

Here's Brooklynn with her cousins Kaleb and Dina all playing Christmas Eve at Grandma Renee and Grandpa Javier's house:


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