3 Teeth!! Haha!

We have our 9 month check up on Monday, so I was going to wait to post her 9 month stats, but I just thought that this picture was so funny and I couldn't wait to share it with everyone! I was folding laundry, and Bird was helping (or rather sitting there waiting for me to put a shirt on over her head). Well, I was thrilled to catch this shot displaying all of her three bottom teeth! Gosh, they are too cute! Haha! We still don't have any on top, but they'll start coming in soon, I'm sure. Brooklynn has recently been eating biter biscuits, which she has decided is more fun to feed to the dog than to actually eat herself. Then, on Tuesday I stopped by Publix and picked up some of the Gerber Yogurt Melts (peach flavor), and she LOVES them! She was putting one in her mouth and accidentally bit her finger and cried (and looked at me like it was my fault...haha). I put a couple on her high chair tray and she put 3 in her mouth as one time! I was telling myself, "okay, don't panic, she's not going to choke..." Always the worrying first time mom! I'll be sure to update again next week after the doctors appt, but as of right now: no crawling, clapping, waving, or pointing yet:(.


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