First Swim Lesson

Saturday was Brooklynn's first swim lesson, and she had so much fun! We were worried that she wouldn't be too thrilled to get into the lukewarm water, but she went in like a pro and had a blast! She splashed around and laughed like crazy! She, even, put her face in the water!! I'm not too sure if she like it or not:). The class lasted about 30 minutes, but Bird was ready to get out after about 20 (she started to get a little cold and fussy). I'm not sure who had more fun, me or her! We are doing the class with my friend Katie and her son, Jessie, and Brooklynn and Jessie were laughing at each other and really hit if off. We can't wait to have class next Saturday:)!

Brooklynn driving right on in:

Practicing her backstroke (haha):

Brooklynn and Jessie ("high five for being an awesome swimmer!"):


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