Wow, can I be any later here? Hahaha! The holidays were just so crazy, and I'm finally playing catch up! Thanksgiving was wonderful, and little Bird looked absolutely adorable in her little cream and gold tutu that said, "Thankful for Mommy and Daddy" on the front. Oh, and her little matching gold shoes and hat were icing on the cake! Yes, mommy has a shopping addiction (shhh, don't tell Daddy)! Ha! We started out our Thanksgiving at Grandma Renee's house and ate so much that it was almost impossible to eat again at our next stop: Grandma Julie's! We had a wonderful day getting to see family from out of town (Aunt Janice, cousin Kelly, and Jerry)! We're so blessed to have such a wonderful family!

Another cute picture of Brooklynn:

Me and my little Bird:


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