Fun at the Park!

Two weeks ago, Brooklynn was supposed to have an ENT check up to take a look at her ear tubes. Well, after I had already taken the day off of work, I get a phone call saying that my appoinment would have to be rescheduled because the doctor was sick. Ugh. Sooo, B and I decided to take a trip to the park since it wasn't too chilly outside! We both had so much fun! She loved going down the big slide (with me ofcourse) haha! Oh, and getting her off the see saw was nearly impossible! After we played for an hour on the playground I strapped her into her stroller and we walked around the lake and jogging trails. I just love those Bird and Mommy days!

"Come on mom, let's go!"

"Hmmm, do I want to crawl through this?"

Getting so big:

She may be cute, but try taking her off this see saw: LOL


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