Fun at Grandma Julie's House!

Yesterday we went to my mom's house after church to celebrate Lavai's (Brooklynn's cousin) birthday! We had so much fun! Brooklynn was crawling everywhere...chasing balloons was her favorite part. She, also had a blast banging on pots! LOL! Also, wow, what a beautiful day! Around 65 degrees...oh we can't wait for Spring! As always, we had so much fun visiting with the family (Grandpa Chirs, Grandpa Delbert, Grandpa Roger, Grandma Julie, Auntie Teen, Auntie Eva, Uncle Brandon, Donna, Kim (Teen's friend), and, ofcourse, Gucci dog:)! What fun! We're so lucky to have such a great family!

Brooklynn and Grandma Julie enjoying the beautiful weather:

Banging on pots is so much fun:


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