Brooklynn's First Snowman!

Boy did we get some snow yesterday! It started coming down around 1pm, and when I got home last night it was a good 4 inches deep! I couldn't wait to get out in it with Brooklynn! We had to wait until this morning because it gets dark so early these days. I attempted to build a snowman, but our neighbors Nick and Cheryl had already built one, so we took Brooklynn to their house to get snow pictures with their son, Kaiden. Yay! I got out of building the snowman! LOL! Brooklynn was laughing at the snow:

Kaiden and Brooklynn:

(Did ya'll notice her hat was hanging on the snowman's arm?? I was like, "where's Brooklynn's hat?" We all died laughing when we saw it had gotten caught on the branch! Haha)

Daddy wanted to get a fire going, so he was outside chopping wood (thank you Grandpa Javier for the fire wood!):

We've been having such a fun day today playing in the snow! We have our Valentine's Day Party at the church tonight, so hopefully the roads will get better so that we can go (Brooklynn got the cutest Valentine's Day outfit to wear...don't worry I'll be sure to update the blog with pictures of her in it)!


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