Our Little Santa Baby

When I got home last night, Brooklynn was in such an awesome mood that I decided to get some pictures of her (we all know how difficult in can be taking pictures of an ill baby:). These pictures were taken right before bathtime, hence the half naked baby...haha! I threw on her Santa hat and grabbed the camera, for I knew I had all of 5 minutes before her temperment would change! She was hamming it up! Gosh, I love this littlen munchkin! Christmas is so exciting with her in the house!

7 Month Stats

Well, Little Miss Brooklynn turned 7 months old yesterday, and she has become quite the little individual these days! She can sit up all by herself for long periods of time, and she has even begun to lean forward and roll around...I think she'll be trying to crawl in no time! She has mastered "Da da," which has daddy so happy! She has two teeth on the bottom, but still not too much hair! Oh, and we're pretty positive that her beautiful blue eyes are going to stay blue:)! She weighs around 15lbs (still our little tiny baby) and wears some 3-6 months, but mostly 6-9 months. She loves eating solids (spinach is her favorite...Grandma Renee found that out). She loves drinking water from her sippy cup and/or from a water bottle (still needs our help to hold it). She's sleeping through the night, and loves her nightly bedtime story ritual. Oh, and YES, Georgia dog is still her best friend!

Beauty Pageant Winner!

We signed Brooklynn up for the Little Miss Harvest Pageant at the Villa Rica Civic Center on November 28th, 2009. She looked so adorable (especially with the matching hairbow that mommy made)! We were so nervous that she was going to start crying when she got on stage, but she completely hammed it up! She was smiling and laughing and the judge's loved her! Daddy took her on stage, and he was smiling from ear to ear...you could just see the pride in his face. Overall, she swept it all! She won People's Choice Most Photogenic, Judge's Choice Most Photogenic, and Little Miss Baby Harvest Queen! We had a blast!

Our First Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was so wonderful this year! We started out at Grandma Renee and Grandpa Javier's house, where we got to see Auntie Heather, Uncle Todd, and Brooklynn's cousin Dina. Boy did we stuff ourselves with the best turkey ever (not to mention ham, awesome sweet potatoes (dad's fav), and everything you can imagine. Next, we were off to Grandma Julie's house! Some of our family came up from Florida (Janice, Jerry, Kelly, and Michael) and it was so great to get to see them all! Brooklynn was in a great mood all day, and loved being in the limelight. Grandma Renee took this picture of her in front of her Christmas tree, and we're using it for our Christmas cards. We are so thankful to have such a great, loving family!

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